Current Nisab value (03/01/2017)

Using value of silver (612.36 grams) – £250

Using value of gold (87.48 grams) – £2,780

"Surely they who believe and do good deeds and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate (Zakat) they shall have their reward from their Lord, and they shall have no fear, nor shall they grieve." [Al-Quran 2:277]

Zakat, meaning to purity, is the third pillar of Islam. It denotes the amount of wealth a Muslim is obligated to pay to particular categories of underprivileged people, if their annual wealth exceeds a specific amount.

Zakat is not just a duty on those with wealth, but a right that the poor have over us – weare “those in whose wealth there is a recognised right for the needy and the poor” (Qur’an 70:24-25).

Action Relief uses your zakat in the most effective way possible to relieve the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable people. We provide emergency relief, such as food, clothing, winter items, hygiene kits, shelter in many countries including Syria, Palestine, Bangladesh, Pakistan and East Africa.

You can transform people’s lives by donating zakat to Action Relief.

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