Child Sponsorship

Welcome to the Family!

It’s lovely to see you! We want YOU to be a part of the biggest families in the world; Action Relief will be working with Muslim Aid who are sponsoring over 5,500 children sponsored across 17 countries in 4 continents.

In this vast global village we are all connected somehow, whether through familial ties, by association or a chance meeting with someone on the street - somehow the All-Mighty has ordained for us to connect in ways that transcend our everyday lives. By joining us, you have fulfilled what has been ordained for you: to be connected to a child in a different country, with a different culture and sometimes a different faith to your own.

That is the beauty of humanity – in all its glorious colours.

We believe children are our future.

Educating children and providing them with good healthcare, helps reduce poverty and prevents disease; providing future generations with the tools of self-reliance and empowerment. You play a huge role in building the future of vulnerable children all over the world. We believe every child sponsored will grow up to become a responsible member of society, contributing considerably to his or her country’s growth and poverty alleviation.

We are in partnership with Muslim Aid as UK registered chartiy to deliver one to one sponsorship as part of their Child Sponsorship Programme.

Come and join us!

As we continue on this journey to support children across the globe to reach their full potential, we hope your sponsorship brings you the greatest happiness and spiritual satisfaction, just as much hope you will bring to a family somewhere in the world.

What Makes the Rainbow Family Programme Unique?

We strongly believe children are our future. Educating children and providing them with good healthcare helps reduce poverty and conquer diseases, providing future generations with the tools of self-reliance and empowerment.

Our Child Sponsorship Programme helps children to realise their aspirations providing them with individually tailored support.

We take a holistic approach ensuring a child’s welfare doesn’t stop at education but we also provide them with healthcare, food and clothing.

Our unique programme delivers:

From as little £25 a month your sponsorship can make a child’s dream come true


  • £300 a year - Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Kashmir, Sierra Leonne
  • £360 a year - Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, Gambia, Lebanon
Your regular sponsorship will change the life of a child, bringing them hope, happiness and a brighter future. Here’s how your donation can make the difference:

  1. Education:

    Proving school fees, uniform, learning materials, transport and any other educational needs means that the child you sponsor can have a future.

  2. Food and Clothing:

    Children are usually forced to earn money in order to feed themselves and their family, preventing them from going to school or learning. We recognises this and offers basic needs (food, clothing and shelter) along with education. Because no child should have to go hungry.

  3. Medical care:

    A life free from disease is the right of every child. Through us, your money will provide access to medical care and resources to ensure they can enjoy good health, strength - and the boundless energy they should have for a life rich in opportunity.

  4. Emotional support:

    In some countries and regions where there is war or trauma, children can be in dire need of psychological support. This service is offered with trained professionals who work with the child to help increase their self-esteem, provide encouragement and help the child to establish a positive attitude towards education. This type of support ensures retention, transition and completion of primary and secondary education.